I'm Dragos Bogdan and I spend a little too much time thinking about B2B product-led growth! 🤓

I've spent the past 10 years at top-tier VC-backed hyper-growth companies that have seen revenue grow +50% Y/Y and hit +$4B valuations at IPO. I have distilled my experience into a library of processes and frameworks to create high impact growth programs.

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I do interim positions, advising, and investing for B2B SaaS start-ups focused on Developer Tools, Cybersecurity, and Infrastructure. I can help:

💰 Effectively monetize your product
📈 Introduce new strategies with minimal risk
🚀 Optimize your go-to-market motion

My passion is developing people and processes that achieve results that exceed expectations while creating a culture of experimentation, transparency and accountability.

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Advisor and consultant to B2B SaaS startups focused on marketing and product-led growth.


Marketing and Growth Consultant to technical B2B startups.